“Laughter is the most healthful exertion” -- Christopher Wikhelm Hufeland

We provide Santa Cruz’s ONLY Drop-In Adult IMPROV CLASSES

“Saturday Morning Live” is year-round adult Improv fun.

18 plus? Come Play with us!

FIRST CLASS FREE. Beginners welcome.

Saturday Mornings from 10 A.M. to noon.
Broadway Playhouse, 526 Broadway, Santa Cruz, California.

  >>>>>>      NO CLASS 12/28/19      <<<<<<<<

Here’s a great way to jump start your weekend: wake up your senses, tap into your instant instincts, stretch your imagination and exercise your sense of humor. Explore your mind and boundaries with humor and revelry. Designed for adults who want to test the improv waters. Each “Saturday Morning Live!” class explores a different aspect of improvisational acting. Participants start in group and partner warm-ups, and end by performing scenes and games in front of the class.

This ongoing drop-in improv class is for all levels of adult improvisers. Expand your Improv-ability! It’s our class for beginners as well as seasoned improvisors. “Saturday Morning Live” focuses on effective scene-building tools including tilts,heightening, building suspense, use of space objects, and character work. Make this Your Play time. Get in the game.

FIRST CLASS FREE! Adults only. $20 per class.
“Friends of Fun” can buy a 5-pack for $90.
Saturday mornings, 10-12 PM, at Broadway Playhouse.

7 and 8 week sessions
Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, 7-9 PM

Got the writing itch but not the motivation? Or perhaps you’re eager to hone your craft. Or you simply enjoy the pleasure of writing with others. Beginners and established writers alike hone their literary chops at Clifford’s Writing Salon. Each week an aspect of writing is explored and prompts are given to practice this skill. Geared toward fiction and memoire, participants write, read aloud, and discuss the wonder of creating beautiful, shocking, eloquent, graphic, evocative sentences. Presented in seven and eight week series on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. For more about Clifford’s writing go to cliffordhenderson.net.

Cost: $175- $200 per session

To get on the waiting list email topdog@funinstitute.com

Year round, Tuesday and Wednesday Evenings, 7-9 PM