“Laughter is an instant vacation.” -- Milton Berle

Improv Comedy MashUp

May 25th, 2024 @7PM
Broadway Playhouse, 526 Broadway, Santa Cruz


Past Performances

Soup du Jour

Soup du Jour served up lots of laughs and memorable scenes! This particular performance pleased the palates of plenty of peeps. The Santa Cruz cast included Jennifer Cass, Duke Houston, Dixie Cox, Clifford Henderson, and Tish Eastman on keyboard. Poster by Duke Houston



San Francisco Meets Santa Cruz

An original evening of Improv Comedy: the Dueling Duo played with Rafe Chase for the first time in front of an audience. He even brought his own keyboard guy- the fabulous Win Meyerson! Poster by Duke Houston



Chase, Cox, & Henderson

The FUN Institute brought this fabulous trio together again for another sold out show! Lots of laughs, drama, and improvised bloodshed. Genius musical accompaniment was provided by Win Meyerson and evocative lighting by Duke Houston.

Girls Night Out

What an amazing all female cast! Jennifer Cass, Suzanne Schrag, Chopsy Gutt, Eileen Burke Woodward, Dixie Cox, and Clifford Henderson!

Sweet Dreams

A dreamily fantastic trio! Duke Houston, Clifford Henderson, & Dixie Cox.

First Improv Mashup

Our first Improv Mashup was an amazing show performed in front of a sold out house! Paula Alder, Karen Menehan, Sheryl Loomis, Steve Capasso, Duke Houston, Eric Schneider, Diane Grunes, Helene Simkin Jara, Helen Del Toro, Raphael Hebert, Eileen Burke Woodward, Kenny Pyle, Donna Gross, Maria del Toro.

Second Improv Mashup

What a fantastic show! Standing room only! Duke Houston, Helen Del Toro, Eric Schneider, Jennifer Cass, Nate Curtis, Steve Capasso, Todd Phillips, Suzanne Schrag, Carol Skolnick, Maria del Toro, Chopsy Gutt, Susan Boes, Stephie Tucker (Luke Abbott on guitar).

Loose Cannon Theater

The Gates of Hell

Starring Dixie Cox, Clifford Henderson, & Rafe Chase

Mommy Killed Daddy

Starring Dixie Cox, Clifford Henderson, & Rafe Chase

The Divorce, A Musical

Starring Dixie Cox, Clifford Henderson, & Rafe Chase

Earl & Bubba

Starring Dixie Cox & Clifford Henderson