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“Laughter is the most healthful exertion”
—Christopher Wikhelm Hufeland

Upcoming Fun Institute Performances

The Corner of Cox and Henderson
Duoprov by Dixie Cox and Clifford Henderson

Saturday, October 10, 8 PM, $15, Broadway Playhouse

With 24-years of improvising behind them, Dixie Cox and Clifford Henderson, co-founders of the Fun Institute, are stepping onto the stage, just the two of them, without a script!
See how many characters they can come up with. Call it duo-prov or call it madness, the evening is sure to be full of laughs.

Just $15 gets you a seat at this Evening of Improv and Sketch comedy.

Tickets on sale soon at Brown Paper Tickets-

Come laugh at us, and with us.
$15 at the door, Broadway Playhouse, 526 Broadway, S.C.

We recommend getting your tickets early. Go to Brown Paper Tickets on-line and look for "The Corner of Cox and Henderson". We also suggest you arrive early for good parking.

SpotLIFE Showing: 2016
An afternoon of 10-Minute Solo Performances

When: TBA in 2016
Where: Broadway Playhouse, 526 Broadway, Santa Cruz

Let our SpotLife students entertain you with their original solo performance pieces. It's American Pie served in 10-minute slices!
You can expect comedy, musical theater, stand-up, fantasy, drama or any combination there of. From thought-provoking to funny, we've got it all on one stage.
This is Reality Theater!

a $10 or less donation is requested at the door

About the SpotLife classes